obama is not george w. bush!

Let’s quit lumping Barack Obama and George W. Bush together as “one-in-the-same.”  President Obama’s recent initiative to back Libyan civilians seeking to oust a blood-thirsty dictator is a far cry from the war crimes committed by the Bush administration.  As well, Obama inherited the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He continues his committment to withdraw troops from both regions. 

Many Americans who are disenchanted with the Obama administration have even made claims that “Obama is the worst president ever.”  Green Party activist and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader is among these people.  In a recent article via Democracy Now!, Nader claims, “The Obama administration is committing war crimes.  And if Bush should have been impeached, Obama should be impeached.”  

These so-called “war crimes” are policies implemented by the former Bush administration.  Barack Obama has thus, been saddled with the task of undoing these misdeeds.  Why hasn’t the Bush administration been held accountable for their war crimes and crimes against humanity?  In my new book, Blood on Their Hands, I have thrown much needed light into the dark corners of the abuse of power with an urgent argument for bring the guilty to justice!


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